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This article is written as a reaction paper to Ervin Malicdem's General Psychology class under Mr. Janetius, Ph.D
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Pseudosexuality in Adolescents
by Dianne S. Jensen, M.A.


Unseen Dangers of Pre-Marital Sex committed by teenagers.
Ervin Malicdem 10/09/2000

Early sexual relationships committed by adolescents are indeed devastating in the emotional development of teenagers and this was proven further by the review of Psychologist Dianne S. Jensen, M.A.

Her review was formed through summaries of different psychologists who made researches that further strengthened Hajcak and Garwoodís study on adolescent sexuality. Itís study is for the benefit of younger generation to develop well in terms of emotional stability that would later on be needed by an individual to be productive in his/her own means.

Adolescence is a stage of emotional instability of a human being. In this stage, social exposure is at its peak.With this in regard, anxiety, confusion and stress are most likely to occur and with an adolescentísexplorative soul, limitless kinds of ideas and defense mechanism are thought about. Inadequate or inappropriate guidance will eventually damage his emotional upbringing and will be carried upon throughout his lifetime.

With this studies have been widely made to save an adolescents future.

Adolescents view for sexuality is largely driven by emotional needs that have nothing or little to do with sex. For the adolescents, having sex at an early age is their way to express their independence. Without knowing, these are actually signs of their dependency.

Adolescents are the most prone to sexual attachment.Due to the intense feeling or arousal during a sexual activity, an adolescent may be addicted to this act and in one way or another becomes dependent with that act. As they are very much attached to the feeling, the party who does a sexual act only aims for their satisfaction. As they are selfish for what they feel, the act will only end up unsatisfying and will therefore crave more to be able to feel the sensation they are always dreaming to feel.

This results to a very devastating morality development and family destruction. A female who had an early sexual experience will likely have greater number of relationships. As they are also in need of emotional dependency, they will eventually look for older partners and regular sexual intercourse.

If an adolescent finds sex as a temporary output for all the problems they encounter in life, this would be very unhealthy. He would be too engaged with the sexual act that he may never be able to solve all his problems and anxieties and will just leave it alone and will just have sex.

Sexual views of an adolescent differ from gender. A female views a sexual act asan act of intimacy and emphasizes the emotional closeness while a male views sex as a genital pleasure. With this, a female will generally love commitments. With this difference in views, there is still a commonality in their needs. It is dependence for emotional escape.

With the dangers that lie ahead because of the sexual views of adolescents, parents provide a major role for them to realize the true essence of sexuality. Dianneís review has further explained the different styles of parental upbringing and their effects.

It was explained that adolescents with very strict parents are more prone to pre-marital sex and teenage pregnancy than an adolescent with moderately strict parents. On the other extreme side, coercive parenting is also dangerous.

So far the, the best parenting lies when these adolescents get positive supporting parenting with reasonable and specified boundaries. This will eventually diminish sexual act.

I have several proofs of this adolescentís Pseudosexuality. I have a female friend that had her first sexual experience as early as 12 years old with a 23 year old guy.Her father was working as a captain in a certain cargo boat and therefore he has to be away for 4 years or so before heíll have a 3 month vacation. With this, the girl was seeking emotional fatherly dependence, which then resulted to have an older partner and found a temporary output through sexual intercourse. This was very devastating to her personality and resulted to many relationships one after the other. Before she reaches 17, she already had a son. For her, having a child is a way to straighten out her emotional setbacks through the child.

There was also a guy and agirl who is bothered byacademic and family problems. Their only resort with the problems they encounter is to engage into sexual acts everytime they have a date. This further aggravated the problem for they werenít able to solve the problems. It is only after they broke up that they were able to have a clear vision of the ways to technically and rightfully solve the trials they have in mind.

I also havea friend wherein parental guidance has been very much regarded as important in their family. The parent and child relationship is very close that they seem to be like brothers and sisters. Due this strong family bond, he is very emotionally stable that he never regarded sex as a solution to his problems nor a masculine proof.

With these proof, I conclude that pre-marital sex especially with teenagers who are not psychologically and emotionally stable is not only religiouslyor morally wrong but is also scientifically proven to be destructive to a personís emotional stability. Sex has never been a solution to problems nor proof of masculinity (in a manís point of view).