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Schadow1 (shad'-ow 1) n. prop.

Schadow1 orginally came from Schattenjäger, a German word which means Shadow Hunter.

Schadow1 started his career when he was first introduced to an XT Personal Computer when he was just 10 years old. By the age of 11, he was able to create his first program through the BASIC language. Though it was stopped, his skills are presently concentrated on web authoring, digital graphics design, digital video editing, and systems integration.



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CSB-MMA wins the 1st Philippine Animation Competition

Introduction to new websites

Curriculum Vitae updated.

Simultaneous attacks on United States

Swiftech MC462-A Heatsink Review

Post-OJT message.

It's been so long.

Ramil & Judith Wedding Page, up!

Schadow1 Wireless Domain, up!

Unseen dangers of pre-marital sex committed by teenagers.

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Subject: College of St. Benilde - Multimedia Arts 3DTeam won the 1st Philippine Animation Competition

Yes! You heard it right, I and eight of my team mates won the first Philippine Animation Competition held under Graphics Expo 2002 at the Philippine Trade Training Center last June 5, 2002. We submitted a 6-minute full 3D Animation entitled "Fiesta Karera".

The "Fiesta Karera" is a futuristic race of various Philippine icons like the Jeepney , Kalesa, Sorbetero, and Taho. Influenced greatly by the Carabao Fiesta of the Philippines.

DLSU-College of St. Benilde won against other 3 finalists from various schools, namely (in alphabetical order):

1. ArtFarm Asia
2. Philippine Women's University/ Animasia
3. University of the Philippines - College of Mass Communications.

Congratulations for a job well done!

Subject: Introduction to new websites

This site has been dormant half a year. I have been very busy for the past months. After struggling from 2 subjects headed by repressed teacher. At least I was able to survive my thesis, our exhibit and my OJT commercial for Intel.

Well, the Intel part is not completely finished yet. Awarding will still take place tomorrow at Philippine Trade Training Center in Manila. Around 4:30pm. I'll keep you guys updated. For more info pls. visit here.

Definitely, January to May 2002 were the most stressful and busiest part of my life. I'm glad it's all over. Now, I just have to wait for graduation.

There were also various sites i created. One of them is my Portfolio Website. The site houses some of my multimedia works. Feel free to visit them!

Schadow1: an Ervin Malicdem Portfolio
Escape the Ordinary Digital Arts Exhibit

Subject: Curriculum Vitae Updated

Yup! Just updated my Curriculum Vitae after a long time. View them at my CV Page. You can download my Resumé in PDF format on the same page. Be sure to have Acrobat Reader installed in your computer.

Subject: Simulataneous Attacks on United States

Together with the Filipino People, i mourn for the thousand deaths at New York City, Pennsylvania, and the Pentagon. I condemn terrorism.

In anyway, we are praying for world peace and the peace of the victims of the terrorist act.

Subject: Swiftech MC-462A Heatsink Review

I have prepared a review on my latest and the best heatsink for Athlon Processors and so as Duron and Pentium4's. Please follow this link

Let us visit It is the home of pure Filipino Computer hardware enthusiasts. No crab mentality here. Definitely the best of Filipino!

Subject: Post-OJT message.

I've heard from a 'friend' that some people on a certain forum are experiencing identity crisis. Not for themselves but for me. It's cool though. I'll let it remain as is. Take care!

...And... guess what? Haha! I didn't have time to complete this site! Yeah! too sad... (at least for me.) I had couple of small projects with AXTI and I prioritized it. Just visit our express tech site i made mostly for Iwill KK266 motherboard users here

Subject: It's been so long

I guess all of you have wondered why I wasn't able to update this site for a long time. Well, I just had been very busy with my 'activist' movements against the deposed former president. A lot of things have happened for the past months. And now, I'm just waiting for the the culprit's conviction so that the Filipinos can move on.

Right now, I'm busy with my OJT at Axcess Technologies, Inc. as a Web Designer. I may say it is a good company with good people. Too bad my interest for web design has declined a bit as non-linear video editing and 3D animation interests me more now. I still have to take up another 240 hours of OJT and I'm hoping I'll find some companies there who are into non-linear video editing or 3D animation. I don't know any of them in my area.

Hopefully, I'd be able to find sufficient amount of time to update and complete this site. Updates are coming soon!

Subject: Ramil & Judith Wedding Page, up.

My sister's official wedding web page is 100% complete. I have made it so that my sister's friends that are out of the country will still be able to see and feel their wedding. Please visit it at

Subject: Schadow1 Wireless Domain, up.

Wap (Wireless Application Protocol) version of my site is up.
For the people who are always on the go and would like to view my personal site using their WAP-enabled phone, you can visit it here.

Subject: Unseen dangers of pre-marital sex committed by teenagers.

This is an article I wrote to clear the minds of teenagers about pre-marital sex. Pre-marital sex is not just branded as immoral by religions but is also scientifically proven to be destructive to a person's emotional and psychological development.
Read On.