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The Ambiance
09/10/94 - Schadow1

She fills my life 
A new life 
For the coming day...

Sunrise meet me
I stood,
And watch
The enchanting glare

Sweet smell
Flowers grant me
Greens of the meadows 
Cools me...

I felt
I was in paradise!

Chirping birds
Are orchestras of nature
I sat beside
Listened for a while

She is the ambiance 
Of the morning grace

She fills my heart 
With bunch of encouragement

Reminiscence of the past
Now forgotten
Challenge of the new day
Now begins

She is the strength
Located in my heart
Never shall it fade
Nor shall it be extinct

When evening comes
Hope still lives
For the coming day
Ambiance shall feel

Inspiration, what she gives
I know, realized she not
With this poem
I know she'll unveil

Her extreme kindness
No one can surmount
The Ambiance of my life.