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Broken Hearted
03/19/93 - Schadow1

To be broken hearted is not easy
For it makes my mind busy
It is hard to be broken hearted
For it seems that from my breast, my heart departed

Maybe I'm over reacting
But I can't control my heart aching
I wish I will forget the pain
But if I try, it just rips my vein

Every night, I look at her picture
hoping that she will love me to at the future
but what is happening?
The opposite is in the making

What is going to happen is I don't know
`Cause God is the only one who knows
Maybe the people think I'm at complete happiness
but deep down inside, my feelings are at complete sadness

Maybe I'm a humorous person
But I can still be a lonely person
I hope she will understand
My feelings inside that alone I can't stand

I cannot live without her
That's how I love her
I hope she could feel what I felt
If she does, her heart might melt

Oh gosh! Why do I feel this way?
If my depression continues, I might die on May
Why should this happen?
Every second of my life I'm like dying then

If I can see her passing
My heart was relieved of its aching
Maybe if I'm the one that is passing
Her heart is irritating

My mission is to love her
And whatever may happen, I will love her forever
I hope she'll love me the same
`Cause for me she's a fame

Every time at her I gaze
At her face, I am amazed
To tell you again, she is beautiful, you bet
`Cause she's my one and only Bernadette.