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Chocolate for Keeps
05/16/94 - Schadow1

Past years I feel bitter
Chocolate made my life sweet
Past years my life is sour
Chocolate made my life sweeter

Kids hate milk
So do I curse milk
Kids like chocolate
I love chocolate

Too sweet the chocolate gets
Bitter the chocolate tastes
Afraid I am Now
Someday, chocolate will be sweeter

Few days from now,
Will be afar is the chocolate
That time, too sweet is the chocolate
It gets bitter when she goes

I hate this to happen
But courage should gain
Got to face reality
In order to prevent melancholy

I love chocolate so much
I won't let her leave me
Someday will come
I'll never see the chocolate

Some chocolates are made up
Of cocoa, milk, glucose and carbonic acid
My chocolate is made up
Of charm, beauty and values
That made her special

It is hard to institute
A new life without the cute one
The beauty of the chocolate
Which is more intense 
Than the twelve fresh flowers

Please counsel me my friend
So that I may Accept her leave
What to do my friend, please tell
`Cause no one can replace Christelle...
My chocolate for keeps.