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Crumbling Walls
08/18/95 - Schadow1

... Nature is a mother who nurtures her beloved child.

Millennia have passed the weary world
Treachery of unaged men... unfold
Agony of mother's solicitude... unseen
Whimpering child unnoticed her ponderous pain.

Time of creation, recalled
God proved his vast and infinite love in bold
He instituted the mighty wall in his time
To shelter and strengthen our weakly life.

Greens are the result of this love
Love that provided us light to render the love of God
But what have you done?
You abused his creation, and now, destruction has begun.

My mother cared for you for so long
Still, you as a child, in selfish ways you belong
You persist to give her pain
But she insists to survive to give you rain.

Now she's in throes of human's wrath
Not knowing, our end is the price of her death.

In the end, feel her fierceful rage
Her rancor, you will feel
Through crumbling walls of mother's care