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Death of Light
01/05/96 - Schadow1

Everything is in mourning.

The wind is almost still.
The leaves stopped its rustling
And trees stood firmly
As they wait to dance from the wind's melody

The world is silent.

Thine eyes, useless with me
They tried to find something
But all it sees are nothing.
Weary, it closed its lids and hope for light

My world is in total darkness.

I stood at the middle of this earth
Nothing I can feel nor hear and nothing I can see
I shouted hard as it drags me to my extremes
But all I heard are the replies of my echoes.

I am in solitude.

A hand caught my empty sight
I thought it will save me but it pulled me down
I struggled to escape from your ruthless pull
I begged for help but I was alone.

I am desperate to live.

Now the world has let me face
This life's unimaginable death race.
I never knew the rightest thing to do
`Cause this death has devoured me to doom.

I cannot live anymore
My life turned to continue no more
Death has passed my youthful age.
My faith now is to continue life in sorrowful cage.

I'm helpless. Hopeless
You are my life but you never let me live.

Now, I have reached the wall
I am already spent
Struggle no more,
Greet thine destiny as life eluded me!