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09/15/99 - Schadow1

Weary, I had traveled long before they knew me
I have reached the floors of the deepest oceans
I have traveled long roads, others have never been
I have been alone, trapped in my destiny to solitude

I can still reminisce my shadow that used to be with me
She is there whenever I walk along blinding paths
I thought I was free whenever I enclose myself in this darkest room
I never knew, she is a lot stronger that way

In reality, she's always there, night or day.
On days, she is here right by my side
On darkest nights, she engulfs my entire self
Wherever I may go… I am restless

I face myself before the mirror
Stretched my hands before it
Slowly, I let my hands caress the slope of my face
But, who else, what I see is only my reflection.

It is my reflection, indeed
I'm still alone… trapped in my world
There's only one who can hear my language
A language that can be heard only by myself.

Years have passed I still continued my journey
I had searched and I climbed mountains
I reached the sky and cruise to different seas
I breathe but the wind never let me be

I have toured the busiest cities
And walked on every road I may see
I have been with different people on different corners
Only knowing that I'm still, and always have been alone.

How I wish I'd never see a shadow again
How I beg to find someone who'll walk with me
Without the darkest shade of my dreaded shadow
But with the brightest light that relates to who I am

I have fell but still struggled to stand up
I have been wounded, but still tried to stop the blood
I have drowned but still fought back to swim up
I was blinded but still dreamt to see the light

What I felt was very painful
I felt I was strong, though I tremble inside
Then I grasped the side of my bed for survival
I woke up and I realized, I was only dreaming.

As I open my eyes,
Once more, I look in to the mirror
I can no longer see my reflection
But now, I can see you.