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Forbidden Love
01/17/95 - Schadow1

a poem for my second cousin

A heart's mistake is to love someone 
related to your blood...

Can this be?
I ask myself
Who'll forever be
Hopeless in my heart

Love is the mistake 
That caused my infinite load
Forever will I beg
For her love that is forbidden

Always I pray
That God will destroy this passion
In order for myself
To enlighten the coming years

Restless is what I feel
Every night I think of my blunder
Misery is what it created
Every time my heart insists.

In time,
I hope I'll forget
The love that once began
In the province of our faithful hero
Near the land of the dancing feast

Save me, oh my loving God
For this maybe the night
Of raining eyes
Knight of truth
I now should conceal
In my heart that thirst from thy love.

Seeing the truth 
Hurts my fragile heart
You and I are likely the same
Blood from thy and mine
Parallel from our forefathers' blood

Arise myself
From the truth that my knight conveys
Sorry, I am
To fail to express what I feel for you
Realizing that you
Should be loved only as my kin

Gallant heart, I need your aid
Help me to face the truth I should pursue
She is my love, and if I can't let go
Help me dear God, this insanity to keep.