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The Island in the Heart of the Wide Blue Sea
06/10/95 - Schadow1

In the midst of the rose's wrath, I found you...

...My blood escapes from the painful bond
No one hears except this Blackened Sea.

Vanished was my blood 
That came from the painful bond
I had time to escape this end
I swam across the sea of Blackened

Amidst the delirious pain
I struggled to swim with this dirty rain
I dreamed to find my glorious goal
Eventhough I do not know where to go

Now I had poured the last of my strength
I had swam for miles still it's out of sight
I start to feel that hope is deprived
Especially now, that my eyes are blind

Emptiness is now I feel
My soul drowns. To whom shall I lean?
"I'm still strong," to myself I lie
`Cause my God, I don't want to die!

Sunrises of six
Still I haven't seen
Now I drowned and I'm in great depth
Of the Blackened Sea, now called the sea of Death.

Sixth sunrise now had reached the sky
My eyes opened and I first saw the light
I thought I was dead, miraculously I survived
Thank you my God for now I am alive

As light spread throughout my world
I realized, I had reached my unknown goal
I drifted at the island in the heart of the now wide blue sea
There I found you my love That I thought I would never see.