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Life and Love
10/30/93 - Schadow1

My life could never be happy
Unless love was created by Him
He who is ever powerful
Who created man...
Likely to His image

Love has many meanings
Share, accept and to understand
Nevertheless, the most important
Love that leads to commitment
I, a simple one
Created by Him
To love and to be loved
Fortunate I am
For love is created

Love could be a fortune
It could also be a misfortune
Depending on the events
And also to their meanings

Began when I was ten
Blossomed was my love life
Sprouted with joy
And overflowed with full measure

Again when I was eleven
There was a girl but acted like a boy
I, strucked by Cupid's arrow
`Cause of love...
I strived to make her a true girl

My mission succeeded
She became a true girl,
Fell in love at me
Problem: faded is my love

On the 12th year
Surviving the consequences 
Of life which is mysterious
I myself experienced 
The writings of Saint Luke
In its 18th chapter

Same year
Came another girl
Last sighted her
12th of December

After few months,
The Stone came
I began loving her

On the 6th of July
Till present
Still loving her

I don't know what to do
Seems that the change 
Will be infinite

Gotta find a permanent girl
Till death
Will make us united

Can't understand
Why my feeling's like this
When times my love
Starts to love me too
Same time
My love for her fades

Why should this be?
Change is continuous
Especially now,
Someone new, I love so much

Now that I love her so much
Don't wanna let her go
Hope my feelings for her
Never change and never fade

A God's gift
A heart's life
A man's inspiration
But a brain's confusion

The most wonderful thing
He had given
To mankind

The most wonderful gift
He had given to man
To me
And for us.