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The Light
07/01/95 - Schadow1

For years, never I had seen the truth
The truth that never was unveiled in my youth
Many times I had seen the light
Without knowing, these lights caused my darkened life.

As I walk through this darkened path
A I can't feel except the rose's wrath
My walk continues with my shattered self
Devastation continues to deplete my crumbling self.

Time have passed, they made blue
Bluished dark, gave myself in land as glued
The land never wanted me to move
The tint on my surround hinders me to see the noon.

Darkness that inhabited by soul
Conquered myself and divulge my bright light's source.
Now I am lost...
Struggling to find my whole life's cost

I now view the life's route
As an event whose pain is the only root
I forgot to know the rightest way
For no one saved me from this invisible ray.

Bluishness surrounds my darkened heart
It put me down as if it drowns my saving raft
This blue alone, my self can't stand
How would I survive if no one gave a helping hand?

Notice my once brightest line
Now it won't match my recent life
I'm at the abyss of my darkest rope
But no one cared, no one dared to lift me up.

Tears slowly pours down on my face's slow
My self's afraid I would end without this hope
Floody eyes, this blue only had caused
For it only made my greatest loss.

My life was dark for it only caused me blind
My life is blue `cause it worth me only to have died
Death awaits my trapped and tormented self
Hopeless `cause it stopped my values wealth.

Not until I found you
6th of June, you enlightened my darkened room
You have brightened the darkness
That I thought, forever be a sorrow's nest.

Bounded self, vanished from my weakly soul
You have lift me up to see the grace's bowl
Now you have brightened my darkened path
To be able to avoid the rose's wrath.

Now I walk with immense light
I can see clearly the virtue of my heading time
My world is now circumscribed by hope
My life revealed the miracle you have caused

Then, 23rd of June have elapsed
I blame myself why this day, I not eggressed
I have fallen once more
But... with your light, you remain giving your support.

With your words of trap...
"You're wasting your time", in pain, I was wrapped
Nights of tears embodied my torment life
I can still see my life but now, through this bluish light.

I guess you never knew
That my life rests in you
`Cause you have let this happen
You have left me in solitude as frozen.

Indeed, I thank you
For you have brightened my lifeless youth
You have widened my narrow road
And my darkened life, you lighted and it lessened my load.

But... I still weep
I'm still trapped in this bluish reef
At least, I'm not at the abyss
Where reigns the bluish dark beast.

I still love you dear
`Cause you gave me light for my life's gear.
You took me out of the dark...
But you never took me out of the blue.