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Longest Night
06/14/96 - Schadow1

Sunrise has reached my darkened world
Unseen sights has been turned to bold
Darkened nights of past has ended
Chilling winds never dared to enter

Since the 9th of May... unforetold
The voice of thine bliss you'd hold
Misery of my yesterdays, unaware
Shall be erased instantly as that day came

You had brightened my nights everytime I hear
Your voice that tickles everytime it reaches my ear
From then, I had dreamed to see you
I had dreamed to view my life that is stored in you.

24th of May, my dream came true
Because it's the first time I had been with you
The sun shown everything it could
Brightness I can see struck my life and it came from you

We've been together for quite sometime
But for us, those days were years that have passed
Promises I had made shall flow through my veins
They shall be my blood and I will breathe with it.

But in reality, all days created will dim its sight
It shall find its sleep and reach the night
Unfortunately, this night shall last for months.
How long shall I feel the pain in me it shall punch?

In solitude, I long for you
In the first night of the long darkness
It rained `cause for the first time
Your voice has been unheard by my crying heart

Cold winds shall tremble me
In ten months, I shall seek refuge to thee
I will remain blind all days in this night
Until the fruit of our pain will be on our sides.

Twinkling stars will guard the dark
It shall remind us that daylight will always come
In tears, I shall remain breathless
Until the dawn shall reach and together we'll greet the sun!