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Missing Someone
04/06/93 - Schadow1

It is hard to miss someone
Especially when you love that one
It makes you a lonely human
When you start to miss someone

All I can do is wait for minutes, hours,
Day or even months
To see her again
So I will be joyous again

There are thirty days in April
To wait for that is really a thrill
Thirty-one days are there in May
`Cause of waiting, at the porch I lay

When it is brownout during the night,
I'm staring at the stars which is a little bit bright
Her face was formed at the sky
Beautifully, it occupies the entire sky.

I'm like a fool imagining her
At the clear sky
For it is impossible for her 
To be at the sky

That's how wide my imagination is
Especially when my love, I miss
I'm going to do everything to recall her face
So that again, my happiness will be at its place

I love her dearly
That's why I miss her really
She's very important to me, you bet
`Cause my vacation is incomplete without Bernadette.