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My Life
06/03/96 - Schadow1

Key of breath hath touched thine life
Beacon of darkness conquered the light
Sixteen years in blindness, I still survive
In destructive pain, I searched to be alive

Ancestry, my self was caged
Through the tests, I was brought in rage
Abusive world has held my fist to rebel
Weary self hinders the world to excel.

Revived life has put me to thee
Unconsciously, it is you who gave me a chance to live
You had removed the veil in thine eyes
Through this, you had granted me to rise

Endlessly, my love for you shall remain
For the love you gave lifted me from pain
From our vows, though socially unacceptable
Shall break those gates and prove that we are capable.

Not even death shall overthrow the love
Though walls block my narrow road to you
The love I had for you shall never cease
For the memories we had shall serve as the source of my life.