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My Love
02/12/93 - Schadow1

I met someone beautiful
And she's very, very wonderful
She always makes my heart beat
And I always feel the heat

She's always on my thoughts
And I could die without her, I thought
She is my inspiration
And she makes my heart to exasperation

I met her when I was ten
`Cause of happiness, I almost bend
I am filled with joy
As though, I'm the happiest boy.

No matter she is far
My heart still feels she's near
Oh gosh! I really love her
I really, really, love her

My love for her is unexplainable
And it is also unbelievable
Why is my feeling like this?
To see her, I'm always full of bliss

I never felt anything like this before
Because of seriousness, my heart split into four
I wish I won't forget her
And the happiness I got from her.

On the 12th of February
I was on a hurry
For the fair that is exciting
And I've been waiting

I was accidentally blind dated to her
Where I really fell in love to her
For me, she's as beautiful as a star
Where I am staring from afar

She is my only love
And `till the end I will love
She is very beautiful, you bet
`Cause she's my one and only Bernadette.