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Now That She is Far...
06/05/94 - Schadow1

She's alone
My life
Without her
I'll die

Happiness of the past
Sorrows of the present

Now that she's far
Now I'm half dead
I, continues hope
Sadness destroys me.

Loving her,
Waiting patiently

Hoping still
For us,
To communicate

Never do I see her
Or in TV
When shall I see her?
Again, so that will leap

Who in the world
Will survive this truth
Thousands of miles away,
She is...
The person I love

Though my heart pumps
Thorns struck
Veins in pain
Emotions are down

It's been a week
Or so
She left this heart
Knowing she does not
Heart of mine, shattered...
Feelings, crumble

Now she's afar
Vibrations... She's near
Realizing the truth
Eyes in tears

Process of discouragement,
Battle of hope,

Future what lies
Beyond the unknown
Will harder than crystals
Loving her won't fade
Savior while my life fades.