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The Rose
03/23/95 - Schadow1

She fills my life
A new life 
For the coming day...

I just don't know
The coming day 
Is my dreadful death.

Ambiance showered grace for four days
Strengthened the growth of the trickening rose by its rays
The rose grew for five months
With it grew its haunted thorns

No, this is not what I expect!
Pain from thee, I hate to accept
Don't pierce me, oh deadly thorn
For it cost me once more to strive to be born.

But... you have won.
You have touched me, now I have to run
I have to save myself from this painful death
But I can't `cause my love for you costs more than my life.

Suddenly, this rose has reached my trembling self...

Your thorn tears me apart
Sabotaging my self like a dart
What delirious pain 
You caused and why should this I gain?

This weak self can't stand
The darkness that covered my land
Why have you done this to me?
Life of mine shattered, can't you see?

Blood from my wound
Escapes from the painful bond
Shouts my blood for mercy
No one hears except this blackened sea

Ruthless is this ambiance
Who gave the rose with fooling fragrance
Beyond the knowledge of others
These roses are death bearers

Her thorns slowly rips off my skin
Protruding through my inner self; my God! Where have you been?
Inch by inch, my self cries in immense pain.
Again, no one hears but now with this dirty rain.

Moments later, silence covered the place
Form of my old self, can't be seen from my weary face.
Tears are invisible for they are submerged in blood
I ask myself if I'm dead but unluckily, I am not.

Rose, why have you grown with this Ambiance?
Why have you destroyed this crowning grace?
Now, what will I see if this nightmare is over?
Is it myself, lifeless, lying over there?

Too much blood, I already had wasted
My sight dooms as the light darkened
My future I can no longer perceive
Hopeless, for my life ends with this Eve.

I don't want to die alone
But this thorn engulf my shattered soul
Slowly my body reaches its horrible end.

"Farewell world, I hope I would feel you once more.
You, my Ambiance with this coming...