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Science Compared to Love?
01/08/94 - Schadow1

Heart never stops beating
Unless your life 
Met its ending
That's what Science says

Never would I believe 
That heart would stop beating
Yes, life will continue
Even though the heart is at mute

How can that be?
Science becomes confused
No one will survive
When the heart starts to die

Science can't explain love
`Cause there are lots 
Of meaning in love
Science has its own laws
And love has its own too

In Science, what causes heart stopping is sickness
In love, what causes
Heart stopping is a broken heart

If you experienced 
Broken Heart
You also experienced death
While you are living

Suddenly you will realize
What's the reason to live
While your love
Stepped away from you

To be broken hearted
Is truly hard
Hard in accepting,
Hard in understanding

Sometimes we should accept
That it is one
Of the consequences
In life

It is a trial
That enriches us
For our prowess
And valor
In facing life

If the one you love
Somebody she loves
Don't be selfish
Give her happiness

Be a martyr
In time,
Grace will bear

If your love comes
Back to you again
Receive her
If you love her

Now I'm a martyr
Waiting for my love
Somehow to realize
Who she really want and love

I am still here
Open is my heart
To receive her

I'll never Change her
I'll be a servant 
For her

Day and night
I'll wait
Minutes and hours
I'll wait
Until the day comes
Again she'll come

Her, I do love
Her, till end I'll strive to love
Her, never will I leave
She, my only Genevieve.