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My Soul When You're Without
09/20/96 - Schadow1

Twisting, turning, the world's voyage the same
Monotony of time has made thine life to blame
Life, wanderer in vast lands it proceeds
Tiresome weariness, still it travels in end's indefinite

Thine life degraded as this world stays by my side
Black and white, colors of my life subside
Worthiness of time, unseen by blinded sight
Lifelessness, revealed by invisible light

As I drag my steps toward the light
My life is nourished by hope this night
But as time lengthens in this cursed trial
Solitude I feel from thy absence tears my deficient soul

Fortunate I am, as ephemeral bliss, I still feel
Everytime my soul to thee gets near
Truthfully, how grateful was my life when you are here
For my soul comes close to its missing link

but as ourselves, to their ways drift apart
Thine trembling soul, helpless as it lets its part go
Weeping, suffering in dark, it was left in solitude
Pain that is felt inside helplessly, it strives to elude

This is the darkened world where I dwell
A cursed world where life is unfelt
Wish this misery shall end at once
For my dreaded self can't stand it anymore

Now, as I continue to tread in this world
Stars still reminds me that daylight will come
But still, your absence weakens my whole.
Only our love shall remain as I walk with this shattered soul.