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Starless Christmas Eve
11/15/96 - Schadow1

Silently, I walk in boundless roads
Weary self insists to breathe for hope
Suffocation weakens my trembling soul
But I strive to survive for my whole

Frozen breeze does shake my tiresome being
Happiness, I hope that someone would bring
Isolation imprisoned myself
I was left frozen, no one would help

As I drag myself continuously
I insist finding my way painfully
Despair runs through my disrupted veins
Agony constrains my instinct's grace

Loud church bells incarcerates silence
Mild light from trees gave night indulgence
Giggles of little ones remark happiness
But I'm senseless, I'm deaf to their blissfulness

As I walk alone in this crooked road
Perplexed is my mind and I can no longer hold
Wish it is here to guard my narrow way
But our destiny has put my self in gray

Solitude envelopes my tiresome self
Colors of bliss, I could hardly see
Through children's eyes, invisible is my blue
For mask of love has revealed the untrue

I may not feel this birth this night
If the night forbids me to see the light
May the light show me him through the thick darkness
May his birth wait until I'll find him outside the wilderness

I've known his birth since my mind awakened
But finding him is what I pretend
Finding him is inconceivable, I believe
As his birth comes with a starless Christmas eve.