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The Stone of My Ring
08/30/93 - Schadow1

A ring without a stone 
Is a ring with a low tone
And a low-toned ring
Boreness it would bring

A ring alone would cost
A nickel at its lowest cost
But a ring with a stone
Would be a ring with its highest tone

I am saying this 
Because a stone for me 
Could bring me
To incredulous bliss

If that stone of my ring
Got lost and never be recovered
My heart will never sing
Darkness, it will be covered

Appearance will be monotonous;
Value will be gross
If that stone of my ring
Become lost and sadness it will bring

That stone I am saying
Is more precious than anything
Precious than a diamond
Or even the purest gold

Oh! How I love that stone
If that stone is gone
From the ring on my finger,
Life will be darker

The ring will serve
As my life and my nerve
And if that stone came without,
Life will count

The stone is my happiness
That makes my life at its fullness
Never they should take the stone of mine
For that stone is my life...
Pia Fajardo of my life.