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01/14/97 - Schadow1

Eastern rays rises from thy darkened path
Grievance of yesterday that remarked wrath
Hath remained me only through my shadows
Regret rules over the black with it glows.

Visions of my once isolated world
Exists within as a blistered gold
But its presence proves its reminiscence
That dies as the new day shares its essence

As seconds' hand makes its awaited leap
New rays slowly brightens me; and I keep
Haste that succumb with my shadow, vanished
Dreaded past self --- by the new ray --- vanquished

Now as I face thee with myself anew
I have seen thine light that is shared in you
The wrong dark veil, covered me in deceit,
Cannot drag me down because you are near

Glancing at you on the first time we've met
Showed me the way to where I should take step
Though the night swallowed me to darkness' fell
I believe that from that on, I shall dwell.

Enthrone me upon the star-filled dark sky
Brighten the nights, like noon, into my eye
Breathe me hope when in my vein runs despair
Grasp my setting life as I feel your care

Love I offer you is what I cherish
Sweetness I feel from you causes me bliss
You unwalled the darkness that covers me;
With all I can be, I shall give to thee

Indefinite shall be the brightest day
That rose within you in that eastern ray
Forever, I shall see the rightest path
The light you have brought cured me from the wrath.

Near sun undoubtedly jealous to thee
Darkened world awaits patiently with glee
Together with them, I count passing time
With them, I wait for thine dark side sublime

Eternal light shall heed its rest in you
Without you, my self shall die in this blue
But with you, crippled life shall walk anew
Eastern rays shall shine as my dreams come true.