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You are the Wood, I am The Bonfire
07/28/94 - Schadow1

In this gray world
Lies a deserted paradise
Disturbed by waves
Freezed by the chilling weather

In this world,
There is a blaze
Heat is produced,
So as the light

The chill of the night,
The beauty of the Full Moon
And the wideness of sea
Bring about an art

In this blaze
People gather
To regain their spirits
That was captured by the chill
Art of night, no more.

I hope someday
Together we'll meet
Each other's heart
That was once all mine

To create this blaze
What we call is love
To produce light
In the midst 
Of darkness

Will you ever survive?"
I asked

Will You ever come back?"
Again I asked

Will you ever love me too?