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02/15/96 - Schadow1

In contemplation, I was silenced
As I view my past confirmed in fence
My life that drowned from deadly serpents
Has been trapped below the bluest trench

Thirteen seasons passed this world of blue
Dusk hinders me to see light of truth
My blinded eyes caused my senses dim
Painfully, I felt my broken limb.

Motionless, I cried from extreme pain
My surroundings flooded through my rain
Hopeless as helpless, no one helped me,
Terrified, death of light buried me

All of these happened before sunrise
As pain was refused, dawn rises
A newly found day shall greet me now
Through nature's plan, it shall be done.

Nature's blessings flourish in you
Through your eyes, thine blue unperceived
Thy radiant face brightens my way
From thee, my life's strength, I receive

The light-reborn I have seen through you
Has rendered me to feel these for you
Your inspiration has guided me
No more twilight can stop me to thee.

As I view my future's harmony
My life that floats to highest heavens
Has been flown beyond the brightest light.
In realization... I was rejoiced.