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A collection of Schadow1's poems since he was 12 years old upto present. His poems are mostly about love and are brought about in a sense of elegy. Some poems are inter-related with each other that some symbolic phrases or objects has been used through several poems and their meanings can only be revealed through the first time that symbol was used in a certain poem. The inter-relation of symbols are first done in "The Ambiance" and remained with the succeeding love poems.

These poems are free for circulation but printing it into all kinds of print such as a book or newspaper and media such as e-zines is prohibited without the consent of the composer. Schadow1 composed all the poems in this site and therefore, when printing it, the composer should be stated at the last part of the poem. Changes made in the poem are also prohibited without the consent of the writer. Please respect the rights of the author. Thank you.

The poems are arranged in chronological order of composition from top to bottom. Please click on the poem title to view the poem.



My Love

Broken Hearted

Missing Someone

The Stone of my Ring

Life & Love

Science Compared to Love?

Chocolate for Keeps

Teach your Left

Now that She is far

You are the wood, I am the Bonfire



Immense Gratitude to God

The Ambiance

Forbidden Love

Ang Aking Valentina


The Island in the Heart of the Wide Blue Sea

The Light

Crumbling Walls




Death of Light


My Life

Longest Night

My Soul when you're Without

Starless Christmas Eve